New SLYR collection

Welcome to SLYR, the best and most ambitious range of goalkeeper gloves we have ever created.

The football gloves in our collection include models worn by professional goalkeepers and have pre-level specifications, such as gloves. SLYR BOSS(where is it here). With a variety of cuts, designs and styles to choose from, you can find the right goalkeeper gloves to help you ensure optimal performance in every game. One of the couples that will fully meet your expectations is the SLYR EJ1(which you can find here)

All goalkeeper gloves are designed specifically for you, offering all types and sizes in a wide range of styles. Some of our gloves are SLYR PURE(here) and SLYR LITE MIDNIGHT(here).

We are sure you will find the glove for you. Every model offered by professional goalkeepers from the junior division to the Premier League, you ensure a quality glove that has stood the test of time for over a decade - when choosing One Glove(here) make the right choice, make the professional choice. The goalkeeper gloves you buy from us are of the exact same quality and skill we provide to professionals and this is something that makes us extremely proud.